15 Top Classified Sites in Morocco

Nov 27, 2017
Classified sites started to get more noticed in the last 10 years, as the idea of buying items online became more familiar way of shopping for deals from local sellers. Marocannonces.com is a website that is considered to be the leader in this area but this still did not put it in the leading list of classified website in morocco as other website took the user experience to a different direction and dominated the business of free classified in morocco few mentions will be avito.ma and mabroka.ma.
The fact that these sites are considered free services, it is not totally true, these classified websites have different ways of monetizing, example placing on page ads, in site purchases for services and boosting ads, having classified ads in top of list, and other services like bump up the listings and listing packages that are offered for a fee.
Today we will be listing top classified website by popularity and user friendliness, so let’s take a look at these classified sites in morocco.
Avito.ma is the result of two websites merging out (avito.ru and Bikhir.ma) to create the largest site in Morocco, very popular as their database of listing is updating by the second. Things can get sold very quickly but the user experience was not one of their strength, ads placement is everywhere in their pages, and popups will hunt you down while you are searching for something. But still avitos.ma is the number one destination for classified ads in morocco.

This site is considered the leader classified website in morocco they started back in 2000 with simple html pages and now they have a well put together site based on Geocore solutions software. They specialize more in job offering classified with nearly half a million ads in jobs alone. Other than the website being slow and have down times it still a good destination for up to date listings.

Qri3a.ma is named after a shopping area in Casablanca morocco. Very promising young website, the site was founded back 2014 but lot of work was put in it to keep it spam free and well updated with new ads, this site lists in most categories , cars, jobs, real estate, and general. Qri3a.ma still new so you might not find everything you are looking for but it’s worth to check out.

Voitureaumaroc.com is one of the best website for car listings the site design seem to be old but it does the work, it lists cars new and used in all morocco. I personally prefer searching for cars using this site, the problem sometimes can be duplicate listings where ad posters tend to spam the site with same ad.

New site yet very well designed and full of features, mabroka.ma was founded back in 2013 but it managed to get an organic traffic with real ad posters. I would use this site to find about anything but mostly houses and real estate in general. One thing can be appreciated about mabroka.ma is the ad placement is there but not interfering with user experience.

This is the second popular website when it comes to car buying in morocco. The website can be confusing sometimes with large pictures and busy contents. Ads also take a big foot print in the website. A lot of features can be appreciated in this site, example the option of listing more details about the car or making a quick post.

bonne-affaire as the name suggests is the place to find good local deals, website offers good place to find your house or car, one thing can be annoying about using this website is the ads placed in the bottom of all listing as ads baits.


As Moroccans are gaining more confident in online buying these websites are becoming more popular, few mentions for other classified websites in morocco are:
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